Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rogue Applesauce

While I was reading at lunch today, my spoonful of applesauce decided to adhere to the law of gravity, and my trousers. Whoops! Direct hit. A good book is good escapism, but can be hard on clothing.

[I'm reading a knitting novel called Chicks with Sticks (It's a purl thing), and enjoying it, obviously. I tried Thirteen Reasons Why, which someone recommended, and got halfway through before I couldn't take any more. Sometimes I can handle a really sad topic and sometimes I can't; right now, I'm in a Can't period. It's a good book, but I wasn't enjoying it, so I stopped.]

Posting after tonight will be erratic, since my mother arrives tomorrow and I may have (gasp!) better things to do. No! Did I say that? Other things to do.

Maybe better.

So, some random photos, because why not? Miri being enticing:

Deceptively welcoming, isn't she?

A pretty flower in a friend's garden.

Here's a house I liked:

And a sunflower playing peekaboo:

One picture I'm not posting, because it's totally blurry, is of a bumper sticker I saw tonight. It said, "I'm a fermata: hold me." Can anyone explain to me what it really means, or is it simply a musician thing? (I only recognized it from the Nicholson Baker title, though I never actually read the book.)(Working in a bookstore makes one familiar with more books than one could read in a lifetime.)

After all, non-knitter might find a bumper sticker like this puzzling:

It's a knitting thing. Obviously.


Anonymous Adrith said...

It is a musician thing, but I'll give my best shot at explaining it.

If a note of music has a fermata over it (the little sideways parens with the dot in it), that means that the singer/instrumentalist, instead of playing the note for the length of time as written on the page, is supposed to hold that note (keep singing/playing it) until the conductor gives him/her a visual cut-off.

I probably butchered that explanation. I hope it made some sense. :)

8:37 PM, August 24, 2011  
Blogger Kate P said...

Oh, Miri. Your fluffy belly is so tempting. But something tells me I'd lose a hand if I gave it a pet.

We in the choir run into our friend the fermata many times in certain hymns. That's a cute bumper sticker.

Some people say the body remembers traumas before the mind does, so that could be a perfectly O.K. reason for feeling a little lousy. And not in the mood for a certain book that I might have recommended. Well, here's to your dad on his birthday. (I'm raising my popsicle and I hope he would find that funny. Or maybe he would tell you to stay away from weirdos?)

9:11 PM, August 24, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who could resist that belly? One of mine does that and it's all a trick to get you to put your hand on her so she can go Jaws on you.

9:25 PM, August 24, 2011  

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