Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday thoughts

Note to self: I must try, and really try, to get, really get, that everything is not about me.

So-and-so is not doing thus-and-so solely to annoy me. If it does annoy me, well, that makes it my problem, not hers.


Sometimes being a grown-up sucks, doesn't it? And I'm finding that I can't have ice cream for dinner every night.

I had a doctor's appointment tonight, and the doctor was running more than an hour late*. I got a lot of knitting done! The ruffles scarf is almost finished, so I should be able to give it to the twins' mother for Christmas (see how I try to appease the fates by saying 'should'). What to knit next? I have a couple of ideas, but I may just work on a plain old hat while I ponder.

*Not to mention that I went to the office and found that they'd moved down the street. "Oh, didn't you get a call about that?" No, if I had, I wouldn't have gone to the old office! Silly woman.

One of the errands I ran after the appointment was to the Post Office to get stamps for my Christmas cards. U.S. knitters, have you seen what they have this year? I was caught by surprise:

We must be taking over the world: they made stamps that look knit!


I zoomed in on the tree both because I like it the best, and because it's apt: I started decorating my tree tonight! Lights and ribbon loops are on, as is the top ornament. The other ornaments, candy canes, and icicles will be tomorrow, hopefully. I'm tired and my hands are pine-sticky, but it's so pretty.

And Harold helped!

I used to help my dad with putting the lights on. It's much easier when someone is feeding the string to you, instead of having to do it all yourself, right?

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Blogger Kali said...

The whole doctor and appt thing is SO aggravating! "I'm special and important. I don't have to be considerate of your time. My staff has no instructions to benefit you, only ME."

Congrats on the knitting. And the tree.

12:30 AM, December 07, 2007  
Anonymous MonicaPDX said...

Harold looks so intent! "I must concentrate to be a good helper." [g] And the Christmas stamps are very cool. I still have last year's to use up, so knowing me, by the time I get any of the knitting ones, it won't be until about 2 weeks before they raise postage rates again. I have a talent for that. ;)

3:23 AM, December 07, 2007  
Blogger Leslie said...

I'm guilty of sending e-cards... They're sort of tacky but I don't have to worry about stamps. But I should try to get to the post office I guess just for the "collectibility" of them...

MD stands for Minor Diety, didn't you know that?? Unfortunately, so many times the office staff thinks the designation applies to them as well. You were supposed to KNOW the office had moved. Arrgh! I do hope you spoke to the doc about it and not just the staff.

7:49 AM, December 09, 2007  

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