Friday, June 14, 2019

Four Thoughts, Briefly

It occurred to me this morning that if the Bruins had won, they would have had to visit the White House next season, and I was able to summon some consolation from the fact that they will not; it's mild, but it's something.

I have found it rather jarring to go from my playoff-time, consume-all-hockey-media level to not wanting to read any of the coverage, but hopefully that will ebb as a little time passes.

Next week is the NHL Award show and then the draft, which I hope I will want to follow along with, as I normally would.

And it is the weekend.


Blogger Mary Ellen said...

Yeah, I'd had that thought, too. I wonder if any of them would have skipped it? I would have hated seeing them there to eat cold fast food with that... creature.

11:09 PM, June 15, 2019  

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