Sunday, November 27, 2016


I can't quite believe that today is the 27th of November.

Given the fog I have been in since the night of November 2nd, the passage of time is even less real than usual. Three weeks from right now, I will be in Florida for Christmas, and given that I have done  nothing one single thing toward Christmas prep, well, it's going to be an interesting holiday. The fact of having just three weeks left before my trip, and the additional fact that I am still not out of this fog*, and don't know when I will feel truly well again, means that I doubt much will get done.
*Nope! Still sick!

I don't usually get a Christmas tree, much as I love to have one, since I'm not here for the holiday, and especially because there simply isn't a good place here to put one and not regret it as it is underfoot for the whole time it's up.

I like to send Christmas cards, but I don't always manage it, and this looks like one of those years. Perhaps I will copy my mother's example one year, and send Valentine cards. (Probably not, but it's a fun idea to play around with.)

And presents? Yes, I have to think about that...

But not right now. Since I just had to stop the movie I was watching so I could go lie down for a few minutes, perhaps I am not at the top of my game tonight.

But at least I have himself. Last night, he did a Big Stretch that, but for the happy fact of my foot being there, would have landed him on the floor.
I don't think he even appreciated the save. But that's all right. I live to serve.


Blogger Suburban Correspondent said...

Hang in there! It took me a while to feel normal again. It happens gradually.

12:12 AM, November 28, 2016  

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