Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Talking of Other Things

I won't talk politics here today, and who wants to talk about feeling sick? Not me, today. (I haven't been ill a week yet, and I hear this bug runs two, so I'll have plenty of time.) Instead, here are a few random unrelated things.

A friend and I had been talking about the NFL and its horrific problems regarding women shortly before this cartoon came along.
The Bruins won last night! 4-0! They actually played really well, and even got 3 (three!) power-play goals. Considering that on Saturday they not only couldn't score on the power play, but allowed shorthanded goals twice, it was puzzling, but preferable. They play in Montreal tonight, though; hold me. The Canadiens are off to another hot start this year, and although I felt tremendous schadenfreude when Columbus beat them last week 10-0, that was a huge outlier.

Due to my low-energy weekend (such that I watched a movie on Friday night, and three more on Saturday, just for instance), I finished the knitting on the yellow lace shawl, and on Sunday, I grafted the two halves together, yay! The graft looks pretty uneven, though, too loose here and too tight there, so I'm going to go through and tweak it before blocking the whole thing, hopefully this weekend. Can't wait to see how it does!

Carlos is adorable. Still.
All right, just one political thing, but it's important. I saw this on Facebook today.


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