Sunday, November 15, 2015

So Tired of Adulting

I'm so tired of being a grown-up, and not just "a" grown-up but "the" grown-up. Who put me in charge of anything? More fool they. I am so sick of adulting that I am too tired to give the details of why. Here. Have some random, assorted, and unrelated photos of things. It's all I've got.


The Globe changed the layout of their Saturday edition recently, and I kind of love that when they specified the changes, they added, "Sports -- sports we don't touch."

A while ago, I bought some precut carrots and celery at the grocery store. Does this photo convey that they were so tightly packed, I had considerable trouble getting them out? Like, they were wedged. It was kind of funny, once I finally got the first piece out.

I took a photo that didn't come out well, to show just why I didn't buy this drinking fountain for Belmont. She loves water, and I expect she would like a fountain even more than a bowl, but not only is this an odd design, which I find quite ugly, it's ON SALE for $87.99. Sorry, not happening!


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