Friday, October 13, 2006

In which I rant for a reason

I don't like smoking.

Anyone who knows me, knows that. Cigarette smoke bothers me, and though I try not to be militant, I probably am. The smell bothers me, and if I'm around it for long, it gives me a headache.

I'm not as bothered by cigars and pipes, by the way, partly because they remind me of my grandfathers, and partly because there just aren't as many of them around (at least, where I am).

But cigarettes? Yuck. Big yuck. I cuss at cars in front of me with plumes of smoke blown out their windows (I'm trying to breathe back here!), and really get peeved at the smokers, driving or not, who throw their butts away like the nasty things vanish on the ground.

So why rant now? Well, I'll tell you. After spending the last month basing virtually my every move upon my planned close day for the condo, it has to be pushed into November. Why? Because there was a fire in the building. Why was there a fire? Because another tenant was smoking in bed.

It is rare for me to be beyond words in any situation, but this is almost beyond me. I can't find words strong enough to express my displeasure with Mr. Idiot and his actions. I have to change my closing date, and rearrange Everything I have arranged for the last month, because of him and his criminally stupid actions.

The fact that I, a normally compassionate and empathetic person, was not sorry to hear he had to be hospitalized, says a lot. I'm not glad he was hurt, but I'm not sorry. Is it only because I'm so upset that I think he kind of deserves it? Maybe I don't really mean that. But kind of ...

Plus, now that I can watch them, the Bruins have lost two games in a row. So that doesn't help. Actually, last night they did pretty well, for the first 55 minutes. Unfortunately, the game goes 60 minutes, and they lost in a shoot-out. Or so the Globe says. I got into bed to listen to the third period on the radio, and fell asleep when it was 2-0 Bruins. To learn this morning that they lost 3-2? Not Happy.


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