Monday, October 30, 2006

Ackee 1-2-3

So here I was, packing to my own drummer (get rid of crayons yes, rubber stamps no, try not to trip on cat), and I realized that I was singing English Beat, which no I haven't heard on the radio lately. [I could have done: my favorite station around here is 93.7 Mike FM, and they live by their motto "we play everything"; however, I've been very into an audio book recently, and haven't been listening to the radio.] I dug out the cassette -- yes, tape! I am dating myself here (insert your choice of bad joke). Though it's sounding a little wobbly; maybe time to CD it. From 1982, after all, thank you very much. Special Beat Service: a good album. I'm packing and singing and in the groove, but here are some things I'll tell you about another day:

* a feline delusion
* graphic blandishment
* a day of hearing Gary Larson's angels
* that audio book
* my Halloween costume

For now, though, "nothing rings as true as silence"!


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