Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hey, they won!

The Bruins won last night: how about that? Isn't that nice? If unexpected. I watched them warming up before the game and could almost see the doom clouds following them around the ice, but they came from behind and held on to the lead. How unlike them. But such a pleasant surprise.

Yesterday turned out to be a good day not to be moving. It was my original move date, before the fire delayed the closing, and it was rainy and blustery and not much fun for moving, so that's turning out okay so far. Have to wait and see what weather I actually do get for moving before I crow too loudly.

I had a thought about part of the moving process, but I'm not sure if I'll end up doing it or not. Right now, the plan is to close the day before Thanksgiving and move the day after, which gives me the weekend for settling and unpacking (and the day of the holiday to finish packing). It occurred to me that I could road-trip with the cats on Thanksgiving and show them the new place, so it won't be as much of a shock on moving day (I'm not moving that far). The downside is that they don't like the car, at all, so even a short trip is upsetting to them. They did survive the trip from Charlotte to Pennsylvania, then PA to MA 6 months later, but that was before Pan's heart condition was diagnosed, so I'm more conscious about stressing him. [According to what I've read, his condition often goes undiagnosed until the cat suddenly drops dead, which is the worst way to find out something was wrong.] I have to try to balance the stress of each plan. I probably won't decide ahead of time, but will just play it by ear.

In addition to laundry, packing, and all the other oddments of things that I have to do today, Harold is trying to bend me with the force of his mind. He wants attention, and stares at me like I'm a spoon he's going to bend with only the power of his thoughts. It's both cute and creepy. Gotta go.


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