Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Choppy Waters

Just by chance, before aqua fit started this morning, I heard the instructor talking to another student about how the times for the classes are changing shortly, which caught me by surprise. I mean, way to randomly and incompletely communicate, YMCA. (She didn't mention it to the whole class, either, which I was expecting her to do.) I looked at the schedule when I got home, and it's changing next week; if I hadn't happened to be where I was, I would have shown up for a class next Thursday and it wouldn't have been happening when I expected it. Surprise! (I went to their website tonight and signed up for the newsletter, in the hopes that it will communicate this sort of thing going forward. I checked their Twitter first, but they don't use it for anything like that.)

And yeah, next Thursday: I'm headed north to Apple Festival tomorrow, and though I come back on Monday, I had already given myself permission not to go to class on Tuesday, which will not only be day-after-already-sore-from-travel day, but also is my birthday. You're excused!

So, the classes I have been going to are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9; on MWF, they have aqua jogging instead, which I am not that interested in. Now the TTh classes will be at 2, and also the Wednesday class, which will be at 8 instead of 9 now, will be aqua fit too. Once I got over the shock of change (I just don't handle change well, and less so as I get older), I realized that this isn't a disaster; leaving work for two hours during the day is not actually more disruptive than starting the day 2.5 hours later than usual, and though I don't plan to up my attendance to three classes a week, having the earlier option on Wednesday, for weeks when I have a conflict another day, is a good thing. Though I won't be going to a Wednesday class for a while; next week is the next Newcomer's lunch, so that's enough work-schedule-tweaking for one day; the following week I have a doctor's appointment; and the week after that, it's the dentist.

It's just, you know, so much change this year, and I was just getting into this new routine, and bam, more change. Let me make, and keep, some routines, please.


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