Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random musings

Today's snow is supposed to turn to rain overnight, and as long as it does that, and without freezing into a sheet of ice, then okay. Still, it's only four days since the last storm, and I'm feeling very enough already.

In the Unhappy Irony Department, the dismal weather, which is provoking in me a dissatisfaction* with knitting in light yellow (officially antique white, but you say tomato), and has me craving color, also made it feel imprudent to stop for something as frivolous as yarn-shopping on the way home. (Actually, I didn't stop for milk, either.) I only cleared an inch off my car before leaving work, but it was falling slightly faster than I could clear, and overall I decided that it can wait another day. (In fact, by the time I got home, it was more rain than snow, but I still feel that erring on the side of caution was not a bad idea.)

*I am actually pleased with how the blanket is turning out, and will show it off soon, but it's just striking my winter-in-New-England soul as a little too bland this week.

I have decided, cautiously, to try another pair of socks, but I want to find some yarn that really calls to me, and use a different pattern, to see how my experience goes this time. I do have some of the Schaefer Anne left, and it made perfectly nice socks that I enjoy wearing, but I don't know if there's enough for two socks, and I'm not feeling like this is the time to try. This is time to reevaluate the question of whether I like knitting socks, and to a knitter that's a pretty serious question, right?

So new yarn, soft and pretty and not too wild, and since I want to touch it before I buy it, online shopping is out this time. And I must pick another pattern, too, of course. Something that will help the sock stay up, but isn't too busy or holey (I know, it's called lacy, but I don't want holes in my socks, even on purpose ones from a pattern).

Gee, I don't want much, do I? All that's left is to say, I'll know it when I see it, and I don't even know if that's true.


I was looking on my calendar to see how often I've had headaches recently, because they've been a little more frequent of late than they've been since I started this medication. Still not as bad as before, but it’s not a trend I want to reverse. I noticed something the recent headaches have in common that I find quite odd.


I've taken at least one dose of headache medicine (the when-the-headache-comes type, not the daily preventive) every weekend in January and February. In contrast, I took one in December and none in November.

What’s going on?


I came back from Florida two weeks ago, and I’m still peeling. This is not the kind of reminder of a trip, even a very good trip, that you want to go on for that long! (Note: I haven’t been peeling in the same place for two weeks, which I think would be a very bad sign. It started on the face, then the shoulders and upper arms, and now the forearms and back of hands. This should be the end of it, hopefully in a day or two.)


As I mentioned before, I've been doing the little exercise thing, which I don’t enjoy in the slightest by the way, and it occurred to me that I've also been sleeping well recently. Perhaps coincidence, perhaps not? There have certainly been times in my life when Tylenol PM has been a frequent visitor, that I don’t have trouble falling asleep so much as staying asleep, but not lately. There are plenty of possible reasons for this, but exercise is one of them.

And how'm I doing? I've been really working on this for 6 weeks, not counting the week when I took it easy after twisting my ankle. So far this week, I'm 4-for-4 on walking, and in previous weeks my percentages (yes, I figured it out) have been 75, 83, 90, 70, 100, and 100. Not bad!

As for the bike, I want to start keeping accurate track of when I do it, since I think that would provide positive reinforcement, but so far I haven't. Unofficially, though, I have been averaging my target of 3 weekdays and once each weekend, so that's going well, too.

Eating less, now? You know the Girl Scout cookies will be in any time, right?


Finally, the 6-word memoir:
I enjoy Shrink Lits, but it simply isn't my writing style. Equally, I find others’ six-word memoirs fun and clever, but I have trouble encapsulating myself. I've never been a woman of few words, once I’m started.

• Knit read cats hockey; read blog
• Family, friends, love; happy most days
• Hate self-editing; six words not enough

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