Friday, December 28, 2018

Competing for the "Most Ridiculously Cutest Ever" Title

I got home from knitting last night in time for the second period of the Bruins game. Since it turned out to be no fun to watch, I was happy to have a lap cat who was trying to out-cute her already crazy-cute self.

Try to relax, Maggie.
Yes, she stayed in this paws-up position for a few minutes.
She kept starting to get crazy, grabbing for my fingers and thinking of biting them, then falling back asleep instead. 
It's a rough life.
"Could you keep it down? Trying to sleep here."
"That's better."
I saw this today and felt she would relate to it.


Mary Ellen said...

I unabashedly love her.

goosefairy said...

Oh good lord, she is just too adorable! My little boy will make these little squeaky noises when he resettles himself in my lap. It's too cute.