Sunday, February 24, 2019

My Sunday in Pictures

After a lazy morning reading the papers, I went off for a walk on the beach this afternoon. It was hazy and very humid, but there was a nice breeze along the water.

Walking back, I saw this gorgeous old car. The license plate was DUESE, and Mom says it's a Dusenberg, probably from the 20s or 30s. Look at that.
Made my day, to be honest.

After I cooled back down, I went to the cat shelter for some visiting. The mama cat is reported to be a little touchy, but today at least she was only interested in me, not bothered. I sat on the floor, and she came right over to sniff me.
 And sniff me.
And sniff me.
Then she went over to check on the kittens.
And came back to show me how unimpressed she was with me.
But she did play with the fishing pole toy I brought in.
Posed gracefully.
She let me get nearer to the kittens, who were sleeping.
And then she came over to hang out with them.
And thought she didn't seem too bothered by me, I decided not to push my luck at that point.
And came home to my own cat, on her box.
Helping me read the paper.
Posing nicely.
And curled up with my foot for a pillow.
As one does.

I hope your day was as good. Yes, you.


Leslie said...

That sounds like a delightful day. Mine wasn't bad either, I spent two 1-hour sessions with my "nephew" Sunny, the cat upstairs. Whenever his mother goes to visit her sisters outside Albany I get to Sunny-sit. He's quite vocal and a snugglemuffin so it works out well.

AlisonH said...

This is lovely!